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生誕140年 中澤弘光展-知られざる画家の軌跡
Nakazawa Hiromitsu: Retrospective Exhibition of Commemorating the 140th Anniversaly of the Artist’s Birth
(Total: 12)
Takabatake Kashō Taisho Roman Museum
(Total: 5)
画鬼・暁斎 KYOSAI 幕末明治のスター絵師と弟子コンドル
Kyosai : master painter and his student Josiah Coder
(Total: 3)
Women Surrealists in Mexico
(Total: 5)
Three Masters of French Rocco
(Total: 2)
生誕百年記念 安井曽太郎展
Sōtarō Yasui : the 100th anniversary of his birth
(Total: 1)
マリー・ローランサンとその時代展 巴里に魅せられた画家たち
Marie Laurencin and her Era : Artists attracted to Paris
(Total: 6)
ベルエポックの巴里展カタログ 1982
Catalogue de l’Exhibition Paris de la Belle Epoque 1982
(Total: 8)